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Michigan State University

Go Green!

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go green!

A community for MSU Spartans. This includes students, fans, alumni, staff, and anyone else who is a fan of the Spartans. Go Green! Go White! Go State!

If you're an incoming freshman, join our freshman community, msufreshman. It's a good place to ask any questions you may have about coming to MSU and to meet other incoming freshman!

Questions about the University, student life or classes? Check out the FYI page that MSU offers or look at the memory section of michiganstate

go white!

  • Keep your posts relevant to Michigan State University or to some aspect of MSU.
  • SPAM posts (free iPods for example) will be deleted and marked as such.
  • Please respect each other. Personal attacks are not welcome.
  • Do not turn off comments for your post or it will be deleted.
  • If posting more than a couple pictures, place them behind a cut.
  • If posting a picture that may be considered graphic or offensive, please put behind a cut for courtesy reasons and put up a warning.

related communities!

brody_complex for those who live in the Brody Complex
case_place for residents in Case Hall. It seems they even have a slogan, "Case is the PLACE!"
fish_for_truth Want to vent about troubles with groups or student politics at MSU? I guess this is the place for you.
lansingmetro for the entire Lansing metro area.
masp, for the SPAM complex (Snyder, Phillips, Abbot, & Mason halls)
msu_gop for the conservative students of Michigan State University... it seems that you could be their first member...oh wait.
msu_hc The Honors College of Michigan State University.
msu_hubbard For those in Hubbard Hall, the tallest dorm on campus.
msu_shc MSU Student Housing Cooperative
msualumni for students, alumni and friends of MSU
msuchristians for the Christians of MSU
msufreshman for MSU freshman and new students
south_complex for the students in Case, Wonders, Holden & Wilson Halls
statenews for the State News.
westcircle for those in West Circle (Williams, Campbell, Mayo, Landon, Gilchrest, Yakeley)
msu_tix Place your ticket requests here, or at the following site:
Allmsu.com Ticket Exchange

ALSO: Lansing now has a Craig's List: http://lansing.craigslist.org/

et cetera!

michiganstate is not offically related to Michigan State University.

Maintainer of the community: cherrydilemma, earthbyday.
Founders of the community: earthbyday, johndoe073