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Furnished apartments? [Jun. 3rd, 2009|08:42 pm]
Michigan State University


I graduated from MSU this spring, but I'll be coming back next fall for the post-bac teacher certification program, and after 4 years of living in the dorms, I'd really like to avoid it this time. I'm looking for a 1 bed/1 bath apartment that isn't ridiculously expensive (I have a car, so proximity to campus and/or a bus stop aren't really concerns), preferably with an option for a 9 month lease...and it has to be furnished. I've had a hard time figuring out which places offer furnished apartments (well, except Chandler Crossings, but that's ummmm out of my price range), so if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

[User Picture]From: frozenheart_d
2009-06-04 11:30 am (UTC)
I lived in 731 Burcham Apts for 2 years while I was in college, they came furnished with all furniture, and there was a pool!
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